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Kate's handmade couture jewellery has appeared at London Fashion Week on two separate occasions.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:53

Valentino: Master of Couture Showcase @ Somerset House.

Valentino: Master of Couture Showcase @ Somerset House, London, 29 November – 3 March 2013

What better way to spend a spring sunny afternoon browsing through the years of couture at the Valentino showcase at Somerset House, amidst the vibe and energy of being smack bang in the middle of London Fashion Week 2013.

Entering the court yard of Somerset House to the sound of fashion reporters wrapping up the mornings show highlights, to camera and iphones sounds out amongst the crowds, you can’t help being taken in by the atmosphere of bloggers and street style ‘spotters’ snapping potential trends, outrageous statements and new accessories wondering around the purpose built marquee.

It has to be said that invaluably I had a sense that my chosen outfit of ‘comfortable traveling’ attire may have been a misguided one, you can’t help but feel that you should have donned a blue wig, over sized bag, sunglasses and shinny woven ‘painted on’ jeans but alas I had to just admire the varied styles being debuted. I think there are a number of poor street spotter’s tutting at the woman who got into a number of the shots by accident!

Making my way through the fashion hub towards the Valentino showcase you enter into the first room dedicated to an array of Valentino's drawings and design sheets outlining the fabric choices and qualities of each of the master pieces. Towering over the space is a large white rose being projected with the iconic symbols of Valentino's red budding rose. Further features within this space include letters and correspondence from an impressive and well respected array of designers, celebrities and clients collected over the years.

Climbing the stairs you reach the showcase, cleverly curated to appear as a catwalk style layout with each of the designs documented within the official guide. Outfits featured include Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding outfit for her wedding to Aristotle Onassis, a range of outfits worn by actress Audrey Hepburn, and Oscar debut dresses such as those worn by actress Julia Roberts. The collection gives a clear outlook at how the Valentino style has developed and grown through the years with clear eighty hits showcasing black sequin encrusted gowns trimmed with ornate ruffles and furs, through to the most delicate of embroidery onto silks and tulle's with an array of master technical emphasis and construction processes being applied. All of which manages to still look sleek and effortless. The sheer scale of having to put on around thirty five outfits for each of the new collections does boggle the mind on how this level of detail and couture was so highly upheld.

After admiring the craftsmanship of these pieces you descend down to the next stage of the exhibit featuring a striking wedding dress worn by Princess Marie Chantal of Greece with intricate embroidered paneling and veil lace detailing. Alongside video demonstrations and sampling outlining some of the techniques used within the collections. It’s fascinating to see the level of work and commitment that is undertaken to every detail, looking at how this affects the feel, look, handle and presence of the gown.

This sadly brought the showcase to a conclusion. Exiting I was full of thoughts on the technical practice and skill undertaken to formulate such streamline and iconic outcomes. Stepping into the lift I returned back into the sunny courtyard and into the energetic hum of Fashion Week.

Image taken from London Fashion Week ‘The Daily’ in association with H&M 19th Feb 2013  |