London Fashion Week Shows

Kate's handmade couture jewellery has appeared at London Fashion Week on two separate occasions.

London Fashion Week 1 - click to view Kates Couture Wear video at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week 2 - click to view Kates Couture Wear video at London Fashion Week

Product Care

Products are not designed to be washed. If soiling occurs dab with lukewarm water, Kate does not advise the use of any soap or cleaning products as this may result in damaging the product.

Products are not suitable for dry cleaning.

Any damaged caused by cleaning will not be the responsibility of Kate Mead Designs and returns will not be excepted through damage sustained to the product in this way.

Some of the products have protruding beading which can ‘snag’ onto other clothing or fabric, care should be taken to avoid contact with delicate fabrics and fibres.

Store products in a cool dry environment and avoid contact with other fabrics or clothing.

Direct contact with perfume or perfumed products should be avoided as this can damage the products and result in staining or marks occurring.

Please avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can fade material colour.

This is not a full definitive list - please use caution and common sense when caring and storing your product.


Where stated Kate Mead has detailed the correct materials to the best of our knowledge at the time of making the products, everything is done to make sure these are as accurate as they can be. Always refer to each products material information.

Any allergic reaction to materials used is not the reasonability of Kate Mead Designs, any clients who are unsure if they may be allergic to any of the materials used should purchase at their own risk. Kate is happy to answer any questions regarding any of the materials including metals used but clients are to take ultimate responsibility of their own purchase and use of the product.


All metals used to the best of our knowledge are stainless steel, some have coatings which can’t always be identified – if you have any allergies to metals such as nickel please contact us for more information before purchasing.

Sterling Silver and Gold fastenings can be used upon request, please use the contact form to inquire – an additional cost will be applied; this will be outlined within a quote.

Where Sterling Silver or Gold fastenings have been used this will be detailed within the product description.

Please do not use metal polishes or cleaners on the metals as this can result into discoloration.